How to hack Facebook without password

How to hack Facebook without password
How to hack Facebook without password

Learn Way To Hack Facebook Without Password

In this recent era, Facebook becomes the most popular social media platform where people share their photos, blogs, stories, and a memorable moment too. Today millions of people are connected with used Facebook and connected with their friends, family members and someone else. You can chat with the stranger and your friends too with its free messaging service. Everything has its own advantages and disadvantage, such as Facebook has many benefits like messages service, share photos, etc but some disadvantage too. These days billions of kids and youngsters are used Facebook for their entertainment and chatting with friends.

Learn Way To Hack Facebook Without Password
Learn Way To Hack Facebook Without Password

Sometimes the child is started chatting with a stranger and they posted their personal information and photo that is taking undue advantage by another person. And some people posted unwanted post that is harmful to kids. In this situation you need to check your child’s Facebook activity, what they are doing on Facebook. If you are working parents then I must say you will not have time to check your kid’s phone. If you are unable to check their phone then doesn’t worry. Here you will read the best way of checking someone’s Facebook activity without knowing the password. So let’s began.

FreeSpying – Best Facebook hacking app

FreeSpying - Best Facebook hacking app
FreeSpying – Best Facebook hacking app

You can hack someone’s Facebook by using FreeSpying app. This app allows you to check Facebook activity without a password. This app offers 100% accurate and safe information. The FreeSpying is undetected by another app and easy to use. You need to just follow some steps for using this app.

Steps to hack Facebook

Step 1

First, visit the official website of the FreeSpying app that is and you can download this app from here. After that, you need to install this app on your phone. Next, you need to create an account by using your email id and password and then click on the login option.


After creating an account, you need to fill some information about your target device and then click on the hack option. After that, you will see the online control panel on your phone screen. Here you can see all the activity about your target phone’s Facebook.

Why need FreeSpying

The FreeSpying app allows you to access the following information of Facebook messages:- once you download the FreeSpying app, you will be able to read all Facebook messages of your target user. This feature record all messages and send on your phone that’s why after deleted messages you can still able to read messages. You can see all message details like time, date and day of receiving and sending messages.

Facebook password: When you use this app, you can get the Facebook password of your target user. The keylogger feature record all password and send on the control panel. If your kid changes the password of Facebook then you will get the notification about change and also a new password.

Facebook friends: The FreeSpying allow you to access the friend list. If your kids hide their friend list but after that, you can see a friend list and also see which type of person is a friend of your kid’s. You can block any friend list person and delete any friend request.

Facebook post: You can easily see all the Facebook post that is posted by your kids and tagged by someone else. You can also see the deleted post.

Location: You can see where your kid’s login their Facebook account and which location. This feature always sends you a notification and about the location.

Screenshot: This feature spying the camera of your target device and makes a short video of a screenshot.

Apart from the Facebook spy feature, the FreeSpying offers many other features. Here you will read some features of FreeSpying app.

  • Call recording: You can listen to the live call and call recording of your kids.
  • Messages spy: You can read all type of messages on your phone.
  • Browser history: You can view all browser history that is searched on your target device.
  • IM messages: This feature allows you to hack WhatsApp, skype, hike and many more.
  • Multimedia file: You can see all multimedia files and hack the gallery.

Some benefits of FreeSpying app

Compatibility: – Not all apps work very smoothly in all devices, but the FreeSpying app works very easily in both IOS and OS devices.

Services: – No matter it is day or night or bad weather you can anytime ask your query related to this app from its customer support service. You can ask your query via messages, emails, calls, etc.


This article is all about the hacking Facebook without password so uses the FreeSpying application and keep an eye on your kids and loved ones.



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