How to hack someone’s text messages without having their phone

How to hack someone's text messages without having their phone

How to hack someone’s text messages without having their device (Android & iPhone)

Spy mobile phone text messages is the best way to many. It is because person’s nature has been very anxious and need to know about what is happening in their lives. Generally, parents need to spy messages to see what their kids have been up to or mostly business man’s need to keep an eye of their employees.

How to hack someone's text messages without having their device (Android & iPhone)
How to hack someone’s text messages without having their device (Android & iPhone)

In every case, you should know about how to hack on text messages without using the target person’s phone. It is not tough things to do if you know its uses.

How to monitor device to read text messages

The answer is surely yes. You can easily monitor someone’s text messages without letting them know. If you use the best spy tool, then you can do that work easily.

The only method to hacking any phone is using spy app. Present time, you can find a number of text messages spying tools on the online market. Though, not every app is offering the same features and qualities for users. So before purchasing an app, you must search the specific application.

In order to save your money and precious time, we have the best spy app that will help you.

The best spy app – FreeSpying

How to monitor device to read text messages
How to monitor device to read text messages

FreeSpying is a great spying tool that is compatible with both android and ios devices. The usual features work excellent. Thus you can simply do the hack call logs, monitor SMS messages, GPS tracking. Their advanced features are also working efficiently and smoothly, both Android and iOS devices. You can monitor Skype, Viber, WhatsApp, and do voice call recording without any issues.

How to monitor text messages from another phone

Step 1- Install FreeSpying on the target device

For installing the app, you must use the target phone and turn on the unknown sources option. Tap on option “setting” and search the option “lock screen and security.” Then turn on the “unknown source” option and then click on the “ok” button.

Hit on this link to download the app for installation:

  • Now use the code which you received via mail.
  • Clear download and browser history from target device

Step 2- see hacked data through the control panel

Once,the installation process is completed. Now you may begin seeing its hacked data. For view, the data, simply sign in to your FreeSpying account. You can easily use it online at using any web browser from any device

The final step would be to go to the section “data” and on the option of SMS alerts. You can:

  • See all received and sent text messages
  • To check the sender’s number and name
  • See the date and time stamps

Before you start spying, you need to read the features of the FreeSpying app for further details. This advanced feature will help you to do spying effortlessly. Read these features and take the benefits.

  • Facebook spying
  • SMS monitoring
  • Wi-Fi hack
  • View history of web
  • WhatsApp monitoring
  • GPS tracker
  • Keylogger feature
  • View history of call logs
  • Hack multimedia files such as photos, videos, and other multimedia files

Why do you require hacking tool having their device

Data encryption

The application not only tracks another person’s device, but it also protects your important information. If you keep your personal and professional documents saved on your device, then you should keep it encrypted. So, no one can get the user to it. With the help of the hacking app, you keep your information secure from getting into third party hands. Even if someone steals your device or if you lose your phone, then you can rapidly locate your device via GPS tracker.

Monitor cheating spouse

If your relationship is facing problems, then you need a hacking app for your phone. It will assist you in connecting with your partner via spy app. So you can easily know how they waste their precious time. Furthermore, you can hack their complete mobile activities such as calls, social media, text messages, etc.

Monitor your kids

The Internet gave the perfect place to the criminals and cyber bullies to expand their reach. Therefore, to keep your kid protect from such factors, you require a spy app. Its parental control feature will offer you the daily updates of your kids. You can connect all the time with your kids via a spy app and can see their activities. Additionally, spy app features and benefits make the parenting tasks easier.


Thus, these are all about the FreeSpying app. By their features, and performance, you can easily choose the best spy app from online. So download FreeSpying today and makes your spying effortless.



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