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Facebook Spy Using Freespying – Helpful Guide For You

Facebook spy tool is created to keep complete track over the activities done by the target on Facebook. Facebook spy tool can be easily installed into any leading OS. FreeSpying app is the mobile phone monitoring tool that is used for tracking everything that one wants to know. It enables a user to completely spy on various IM apps, SMS, call logs, internet history activities, GPS location, etc. With the help of the FreeSpying app, one can almost get access to the Facebook account details of children, spouse, friend, and employee.

Facebook Spy Using Freespying - Helpful Guide For You
Facebook Spy Using Freespying – Helpful Guide For You

What one can do with access to the FreeSpying tool

This free of costs Facebook spying tool is designed for worried parents, loving partner and caring friends to keep a full eye on every activity of target in any circumstances. The best thing is that with the help of this spyware monitoring the inline activities of kids has become quite easier and that permits him or her to protect the kids particularly against cyber-bullying etc. This application allows a wife or husband to keep full surveillance of their partner to discover the activity details when having any doubts. Employers can figure out whether the employee is not stealing confidential details and sharing it with others. Thus we can say that this spy tool is highly effective and works efficiently to track the details of any target user.

FreeSpying tool features to know

FreeSpying tool tracks all the activities conducted by the target such as post updates, a status shared, view friend list, post in which tagged, etc. Apart from this, there are many other spying facilities available that allow one to undergo spying in a better way. This facebook activity recording application is used for recording the SMS, view call logs, trace real-time location, see website history, view all activities done on all IM apps, blocks sites, and apps, etc. Every activity notification will be sent to the phone of the user. Let us look at some of them in details-

SMS or text messages spying FreeSpying app is designed for viewing the SMS or text messaging activities done by the target. The activities like send and receive SMS/text messages, deleted messages, will be seen with its date, time, location and all other details. The messaging activity that is done is easily recorded when done on popular IM apps such as Whatsapp, facebook messenger, Skype, Viber, Telegram, etc.

Call logs viewingThe calls that are made by the target phone or is received at the target phone will be easily viewed. The details of every call will be known to the user of the Freespying tool. The application is designed in such a way that an automatic call recording feature permits one to listen to the live calls. The calls are saved in high quality that can be used as a piece of evidence in the future when needed.

Multimedia files viewing- The files like videos, mobile captured photos, images, saved documents, PDF files, screenshots, GIFs, etc will be viewed fully. If a hacker feels that those are important and can be used as the evidence in upcoming days, saving is also possible.

WhatsApp spyThe activities are done on WhatsApp is easily spied. The activities like WhatsApp conversation, status updates, shared media files; etc will be completely available on the application online dashboard.

Mails spy- The mailing activities are done on popular mailing services such as Gmail, Yahoo, etc will be completely seen. Every mail that is sent, received, saved in draft, mails in the trash, etc are readable easily.

Social networking sites spy- The activities done on various social networking sites including Instagram, Snapchat, etc is discoverable with this spy tool. A hacker can come to know the follower/following lists, the post shared, stories shared, etc. This will clearly tell the type of activities one does over their user account.

Surrounding noise recording- The surrounding noise of the target person is hearable secretly. A hacker can figure out the intention of the target and will easily know whether he or she is doing something wrong or is in trouble or not.

GPS location viewing The application is developed to keep a view on the real-time location of the target person’s movements. It will tell hackers about old location presence details. Even this feature is having the ability to restrict location movement that we call geo-fencing. If the target tries crossing it, the hacker will be instantly notified.


If you are happy with the app and feel using it will be worthier then get it downloaded from the home site freespying.net and setup user account and start doing the monitoring.