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Features Of Free Mobile Spy App – FreeSpying

Does your kid or employee possess cell phones and use them while working and studying? Are you worried whether they are using it for appropriate activities or not? Yes, it means somewhere you have noticed their inappropriate behavior. Don’t ignore such activities instead use a spy app to confirm your doubts. Use a free spying app which is the most trustworthy software in the present era to monitor the children or employees or any other person. This article is a short guide where you will come to know about the useful features of this app.

Features Of Free Mobile Spy App - FreeSpying
Features Of Free Mobile Spy App – FreeSpying

Software description

FreeSpying is software that operates in real-time and keeps record the activities of a device. Users can either use the app making target notified about its usage or hide the app. Set up the software on the phone and grant permission to access the data from the device. Similar to all apps, it also requires an internet connection for performing all the monitoring activities. Read below to know the basic working of the app.

  • Record all the activities that the user wishes to know.
  • Send it to the FreeSpying server
  • The information is then uploaded to the user’s account

All three steps are performed without any interruption parallel thus users get information in real-time without delay. To view these activities, login and click on the option you wish to use. The details will be shown on the screen in a simplified way for your ease. Moreover, the software doesn’t rely on the internal logging system so even if they erase the logs then also you will receive the call logs and more.

All the details are accessible for any browser irrespective of the location of the user. However, users have to enter the correct username and password for login.

Communication logs-text messages are the easiest way of communication but inappropriate communication may put your child into trouble. A common fear among parents related to text messages is that their children might be involved in sexting. Explicit language and content used on text messages have negative consequences on their life. Therefore, monitoring text messages and multimedia messages need which FreeSpying fulfills well. Check what they receive and send on their android devices with their friends and strangers.

Call logs the app gives you a complete call history of a person and call information. A user can find out what they talk about, why they call and who is on the other side of the phone call. It does it by recording the call logs with other details like date and time.

Social networks– FreeSpying gives complete insights into the social networks used by the target. It includes monitoring of networks such as WhatsApp, Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram and more. This lets you get a better understanding of the usage of the social network by the target.

Contacts– it allows users to get mobile phone contacts. Parents can thus protect their kids by spying over their calls.

GPS location– FreeSpying is highly beneficial for business. How will you know that your employees are working on the assigned field? Or how will you know where your kids go? Even if they inform you what’s the guarantee that they are not lying. In most situations, they might be lying so use the app. Know are they truly going to the said location or going somewhere else. You can monitor them in three ways-using SMS command, location logs and real-time using GPS. Simply send the command to activate the GPS tracker and see their position on the map.

Get alerts– FreeSpying will send alerts on your smartphone at the time they perform any prohibited actions. You will receive alerts for use of profane language, geo-fencing crossing, contact alerts, intrusion and custom alerts. Intrusion alerts will notify the user whenever somebody else enters the wrong password on the device. Contact alerts are best to get notifications for the selected contacts you wish to monitor. Once the user gets a call from that contact you can listen to their conversation live and even record them.

Block apps– adult-themed apps are inappropriate for your kids. Moreover, if you want them to completely avoid the usage of social media apps then block them. Stop the usage of all such nuisance sites and apps that you think will harm your kids.


FreeSpying app has powerful tools that let you remotely delete some content, photos and videos, view device info, export logs and even lock the phone. is the link from where you can get the app and get benefits of all these features mentioned in the article.